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This is Insight Engine's™ status page, where you can get information on how our systems are doing. If we are experiencing any service interruptions or known issues we will post them here.

If you're experiencing any problems using Insight Engine™, and you don't see your issue addressed here, you can always reach out to us at! You can also click on the chat icon on the bottom right of your screen to send us a chat.


The Oklahoma Corporation Commission has migrated to a new electronic docket filing and search system. We are working on updating Insight Engine™ to pull in data from the new site. While this process is ongoing, we recommend checking any Oklahoma dockets that you are following directly on the Commission's website.

Incidents (2023):

Incidents Archive:

November 2, 2022:

RESOLVED. Recent PDF documents from the Maryland Public Service Commission were not available in Insight Engine™. We were able to populate the title and date but were not able to display the PDFs. This issue has been resolved.

August 31, 2022:

RESOLVED 09.01.2022. Some PDF documents in Colorado dockets were not displaying correctly. You may have gotten an error message like "Unexpected server response" when trying to view the affected documents. As of September 1, 2022 this issue has been resolved.

August 23, 2022:

RESOLVED 08.24.2022. Some users may have had difficulty accessing Insight Engine™. This issue began around 7:30pm EST on August 23 and was due to an upstream DNS provider experiencing an outage. As of August 24 the issue has been resolved.

August 16, 2022:

RESOLVED 08.17.2022. Due to some unplanned (but necessary!) maintenance, our crawl of the Kentucky Public Service Commission did not occur as usual on August 15th. Updates were delayed in showing up in Insight Engine™. As of August 17, 2022, Insight Engine™ is caught up with all updates from the Kentucky PSC site.

April 18, 2022:

RESOLVED 04.18.2022. The favorites and search alert update emails were delayed today. As of 12pm EST the issue is resolved and the system is processing and sending the emails.

April 7, 2022:

RESOLVED 04.08.2022. We experienced a delay in the daily PUC crawls. The root cause was identified and updates populated into Insight Engine™ on April 8th.

April 1, 2022:

RESOLVED 04.02.2022. The daily crawls of most PUC websites were delayed on March 31, 2022. Updates to dockets that occurred on that date were not captured on April 1st, but the delay was resolved and all backlogged updates were captured as of April 2nd.

March 11, 2022:

RESOLVED 03.14.2022. We experienced an issue with document data from the state of Delaware. Some documents from Delaware were not keyword-searchable. As of Monday, March 14, 2022 this issue is resolved.

February 24, 2022:

RESOLVED 02.24.2022. From approximately 11:40am EST - 12:40pm EST our third-party hosting platform was experiencing issues. You may have had trouble accessing Insight Engine™ during this time. As of 12:40pm the issue was resolved and normal service was restored.

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