Insight Engine™ Updates

This is a running list of the updates that we make to Insight Engine™.

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March 20, 2023:

This is a big one! PowerSuite is now Insight Engine™! We have a new name, new colors, and a new logo; but all of the functionality you expect is still here.

May 19, 2022:

It's now easier to access past issues of the Bill, Docket, and RTO Digests! Simply use the "Resources" Menu at the top of your screen and choose "Digest Archives." You will then be able to view the archives for all Digests that are included in your subscription.

April 29, 2022:

We added several new fields to CSV exports of docket search results.

When you perform a keyword search, Insight Engine™ displays a snippet from the document where the keyword match was found, as shown below:

However, information about the matching document was not available in the CSV export of the search results. Now, when you export to CSV there are added columns that show the filing date, filing title, document file name, and Insight Engine URL:

You can use this data to sort by the Matching Filing Filed On date to determine which matching filings were filed most recently.

To export a CSV, simply perform your desired search and then choose Generate Report at the upper right of the search results. A link to download the CSV will be emailed to you.

Note: at this time, CSV exports are limited to 650 search results.

March 23, 2022:

We added a federal section to Insight Engine's™ state profiles page.

The new section includes information on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs), major FERC orders, key Congressional legislation, and energy data at the national level.

You can find it in the list of the jurisdictions to the right of the map on the state profiles page:

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