Tracking policy in Insight Engine™

Use "favorites" to receive automatic email notifications

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Favorites are the best way to track policies that are important to you.

Add any bill, docket or committee to your "favorites" by selecting the star in the search results or on any detail page. Favorites enable two benefits:

  1. You will automatically start to receive a daily email summarizing updates to your favorites - such as a bill action, a new filing on a docket or a new document published for a committee (you can change the frequency of this email in your account profile).

  2. You can keep a personalized list of all the policy items that are important to you.

Select your favorites in the search results

You can "favorite" a bill or docket by selecting the star icon that appears in the search results:

For subscribers with access to RTO Committees (Essential + RTO and Pro subscribers), you can favorite a committee in the same way.

Or select favorites in the detail page:

Look in the upper right for the "star" icon. 

Note: We will indicate if you, someone on your team, or other anonymous users on our platform have favorited the same issue.

  1. If a teammate has also favorited the same issue, we will list you teammate's initials and their full name when you hover over the star.

  2. If users outside your organization favorite the issue, we indicate only the number of "other" people.

View your favorites list

You can view all of your favorites at anytime by visiting the "My Favorites" workspace for bills, dockets or committees.

Get notified when there are updates to your favorites

A key benefit to using the favorites feature is that you can get notifications when your favorite bills, dockets, and/or committees have updates.

You can choose to get daily or weekly updates for each area. The email notification will summarize all updates that occurred for your favorites in the timeframe specified. For example, choosing weekly updates for bills means that you will get one email per week containing any updates to your favorite bills. You may choose a different frequency for dockets and/or committees (if applicable).

Visit your profile to adjust your preferences to either daily or weekly summary emails.

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