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Tracking and Automated Notifications
Get notified automatically about NEW or UPDATED policy
Get notified automatically about NEW or UPDATED policy

Create a custom alert for new or modified policy

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If you are familiar with Google news alerts you will be right at home with Insight Engine™ Search Alerts. "Search Alerts" help you avoid being surprised by new emerging policy that might impact your organization.

Once they have been setup you will get daily or weekly email alert, summarizing any new policy that is created that matches your customized search criteria.

Don't worry - we won't spam you! Even if you create dozens of Search Alerts you will still only receive a single summary email.

How to create a Search Alert:

There are two ways to setup a search alert.

Then Select a Search Alert Frequency [Daily or Weekly]:


2) Pick a past search from your search history menu:

Then, just like in 1) above, select a Search Alert Frequency [Daily or Weekly].

How to edit or remove an existing search alert:

1) Pick an active Search Alert from your "Search History" menu:

2) Using the "Search Alert Frequency" menu to the right, change the frequency to Daily or Weekly or turn it Off.

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