How to track filings in Insight Engine™
Updated over a week ago

You likely already know about Favorites in Insight Engine™. Favorites allow you to subscribe to specific dockets and receive email notifications of new activity on those dockets, but often our users need to get more granular and favorite specific filings within a docket. In this situation our My Favorite Filings feature can be especially helpful. Here’s how it works.

In the docket of your choice, select the specific filing that you would like to keep an eye on.

On the main search dashboard on the Limit To dropdown menu, select “My Favorite Filings”.

Then click search.

This will take you to a list that has all of the dockets that have filings you have favorited.

Click on the docket and it will take you to the specific filings you have favorited.

And that’s it! All the filings you are tracking for that particular docket will be housed in the “My favorites” tab on the filing page.

In summary, just like the My Favorites tab on the main search dashboard serves as a warehouse for dockets you are following, My Favorite Filings houses specific filings within dockets that you are keeping a close eye on.

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