Legislative forecasts explained

Details about our bill outcome prediction feature, access and accuracy

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Insight Engine™ provides a forecast of a bill's likelihood of being enacted.

This helps advocates focus their efforts on bills with the greatest chances of success, as well as improving the prospects of bills that face an uphill climb. You can view bill details, partisan context, and forecast at a glance. Forecasts are available for all state legislatures and U.S. Congress.

Access for Insight Engine™ Pro subscribers only

Insight Engine™ bill forecasts are only available for Insight Engine™ Pro subscribers.

If you would like to see a demo or try the feature out for yourself, please contact us.

Using Legislative forecasts to sort your search results

You can sort any bill search using the latest bill forecast. Look for the "sort by" menu when running a search:

You can also view a quick glance forecast in bill search results:

Bill forecast details

Insight Engine's™ bill forecasts are determined using a machine learning model. The model uses attributes such as topics, sponsors, legislative history, and partisan makeup of the current legislature to make predictions.

When a bill is introduced, Insight Engine™ provides an initial forecast of its likelihood of being enacted. The forecast is updated as the bill moves along in the legislative process.

While the legislative process will always have more than its share of upsets and surprises, the forecast feature helps you quickly understand the context of the bill and get a sense of the direction it is likely to go.

Please contact us if you want to discuss our bill prediction system in more detail.

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