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Communicating and collaborating with your team
Communicating and collaborating with your team

How to create private summaries and comments, prioritize policy issues and share them with your colleagues

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Add summaries and comments to any bill, docket or committee in Insight Engine™

When viewing a docket or bill page, look for the "Organization Comments" tab. This is your organization's private space to share summaries, comments, important links and more with each other. It is a great way to avoid the need to maintain separate "status" spreadsheets and helps to streamline coordination with your team. 

Only users on your team can see the content you add to Insight Engine™ as data privacy is a top priority for us.

Summary section

The summary area is designed to give you plenty of space to add an organization-wide statement on why a particular policy issue is relevant for your team. This summary is shared with all the users on your team (but no one else) and can be edited by any member of it. 

Position and Priority

You can also flag your team's internal priority ( - , low or high) on a docket or bill. On bills, there is an extra flag that allows you define your team's position as well.

Comments section

The comments area allows you to have a conversation with your colleagues. Unlike the shared organizational summary section, the comments section allows users to add or delete personally attributed comments marked with their full name and time of posting. You can share Insight Engine™ links or links of any kind (i.e. news articles, a dropbox file, etc) as well.

Viewing your Team's Comments, Summaries, Priorities and more

All of your team's communication can been viewed at a glance on the "my favorites" or "organization favorites" area of bills or dockets. You can also sort based on the priorities that you have set.

Exporting your Organization Comments

It is easy to export your team's commentary at anytime using Insight Engine™ export option. Learn how to export your comments plus additional Insight Engine™ data.

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