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FAQs for the Rapid Notifications feature

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What are Rapid Notifications?

“Rapid Notifications” are a new type of alert from Insight Engine™, enabling you to get notifications each hour on important dockets. If you have enabled Rapid Notifications for a docket, Insight Engine will check for updates each hour throughout the day and send an alert email if updates are found. This enables you to quickly find out about new filings in dockets that are important to you and take action right away.

Check out this video for a demonstration of how Rapid Notifications work!

How do I get access to Rapid Notifications?

Rapid Notifications are included with Insight Engine™ Essential + Rate Case and Pro plans. If you would like to discuss upgrading your plan, please contact us.

How do I enable Rapid Notifications?

Rapid Notifications are easy to set up! If your plan includes Rapid Notifications (see above), just navigate to a docket for which you’d like to set up Rapid Notifications, and click the “clock” icon. You can do this either from the search results page or from the individual docket page. That’s it – you will now receive Rapid Notifications via email.

From search results page:

From docket page:

How do I disable Rapid Notifications?

Simply un-click the clock icon to disable Rapid Notifications for a particular docket.

How are Rapid Notifications different than other types of notifications available in Insight Engine™ ?


Type of Update

Plan Availability

Rapid Notifications

Every hour

(Monday - Friday, 11am ET – 9pm ET)

New filings added to dockets that have Rapid Notifications enabled

Essential + Rate Case and Pro plans


Either once per day or once per week (set preferences in Preferences -> Account Profile -> Communications)

New filings added to dockets that have been favorited

All plans

Search Alerts

Either once per day or once per week (set using Search History and Alert Frequency dropdowns)

Newly added dockets that match the keyword search and new filings added to dockets that match the keyword search

All plans

What information is included in a Rapid Notification email?

Rapid Notifications contain the following information:

  • State

  • Docket Number

  • Docket Title

  • Filing Date

  • Filing Party

  • Filing Title

  • Link to the filing in Insight Engine™ (if available, see question below about PDFs)

If I enable Rapid Notifications, how many emails will I be getting?

The updates for each hour are combined into a single email. For example, if you have Rapid Notifications enabled for ten dockets, and all ten of them had an update in the past hour, you will receive one email containing the updates for those ten dockets. If one or more of your Rapid Notifications dockets have an update the next hour, you’ll get one email containing those updates, and so on throughout the day. At the very most, you could expect one email per hour if your dockets are very active.

I got a Rapid Notification but the filing that’s shown is dated yesterday (or another date in the past). What’s going on?

The docket information contained in Insight Engine™ comes from each state’s utility commission. Sometimes the filing’s date does not match the date that it was actually uploaded to the utility commission’s website. For example, a filing may be received by the commission on Thursday but not uploaded to the commission’s online system until the following morning (Friday). The date of the filing may still be shown as Thursday since that is the day it was received. However, Insight Engine™ would not be aware of the filing until it is available in the online system on Friday, at which point a notification would be sent. This situation accounts for the vast majority of instances where a Rapid Notification shows a date in the past.

I got a Rapid Notification but there is no PDF document available to view. Why?

There are two possible reasons. The first is that sometimes a document is designated as confidential by the utility commission, and therefore unavailable for public viewing. These types of documents will be marked as “confidential” in Insight Engine™.

The second reason is specific to Rapid Notifications. Instead of waiting for all documents to complete processing before sending out a notification, we want to make sure you are getting notified of new filings as quickly as possible. Sometimes the Rapid Notification will be sent before the document has completed processing. In this case, you can navigate to the docket and click the link to the source website to view the document. Or you can give it a bit of time and check back in Insight Engine.

I need help with something not mentioned here.

Just reach out to us at info@insightengine.org or by using the chat in the bottom right of your screen, and we will be happy to help.

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