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Edit your organization and user preferences
Edit your organization and user preferences

Brief overview of how to manage your user and account preferences

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Accessing your preferences

Look for the "Preferences" menu in the upper right corner of any Insight Engine™ page and click it to reveal a drop-down menu.  

Select "Account Profile" to view your Insight Engine™ preferences.

You will see three different areas:

  1. Profile

  2. Account

  3. Communications

Profile Tab

Your Profile

Add or update your personal contact details and reset your password here.

Your Team

View everyone that has an active account for your organization in this section. (If any former colleagues need to be removed, please notify us at

Account Tab

View your license details, account owner and other high level details about your organization's account.

Communications Tab

Set your communication preferences, including how often you would like to receive Digest emails and favorites updates emails.

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